Magic Mushrooms

(fairy tale)

Once upon a time, Ann, a lovely girl with long and wavy hair, sat under the trees and drew a local landscape. She was a very talented painter. Ann has almost completed her sketch. Suddenly Kate, a cheery girl with sparkling eyes, came to her from behind. She lived across the house from Ann. They weree neighbors.

“Hi, Ann. What are you doing?” asked Kate.

“I am drawing. What are you thinking about it?” said Ann and showed her multicolored sketch.

Kate came closer to Ann and then they heard an unexpected crack.

“Kate, you broke my favorite pencil. How will I complete it?”

“I am so sorry” said Kate.

“Fine. What will we do? I don’t have another pencil.”

So, girls decided to go for a walk. A few minutes later they found little piece of paper that lay on the road. Kate took it. It was a map.

“Maybe it is a map of treasures?” excitedly asked Ann.

“I think so too,” answered Kate.

So, the friends went in search of the treasures. They went through the forest far and far away. Twenty minutes after the girls were at the finishing point. They looked around. And saw…Nothing.

“Maybe it was a wrong way?” asked Kate.

“No, I`m sure. This is right place.”

Girls were embarrassed. Suddenly Ann noticed something curious behind the tree. She came closer and said, “Kate, come here! Look at this.”

These were mushrooms. But they were unordinary.

“Oh, I am very hungry,” said Ann.

“I am too” added Kate.

“So, if we don`t have a treasure, maybe we can eat these mushrooms at least? Let`s go to my mother, and she will cook it,” said Kate.

Girls took the mushrooms and came back to their homes. Ann and Kate told the mother of Kate about their adventures. She just laughed at them. Fortunately, the mushrooms were not poisonous and Kate’s mom cooked them with a delicious dressing. While girls were eating the dish, Kate`s mom told them a story about magic mushrooms. She said that these were magic too.

“After eating these mushrooms, the world will get a new palette of colors for you than it is. There will be no limits to your inspiration. And you will paint the most beautiful pictures in the world.” Then she presented Ann a new pencil. “Kate, do you feel it?”

“Oh yes. How great the world is around us. We must paint these magic mushrooms!” Girl started jumping being pink of joy. After that they came back to the wonderful and wise trees to paint them with all their trickery twigs and wizardry whisper.

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