Magpie Interview!

Today, a third-year student of the Institute of Journalism of the Borys Grinchenko University Anna Lugova interviewed a third-year student of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets Anna Zinchenko.

“Hello Anna! So, in order not to waste time, go straight to questions. Why did you decide to get a medical education?”

“Good day! In fact, I never knew who I wanted to be. Throughout my childhood, my friends and I considered various options for our future professions. There were, of course, conversations about us joining the same university together, studying in the same group. But these are all children’s dreams, and life is completely different, and we study in different universities, but we still have the opportunity to see each other.”

“So, you communicate with friends, despite the fact that you no longer sit at the same desk?”

“Yes, of course, we meet each other often! Of course, in terms of medical education. My parents are doctors. It would seem that this could be the end of my answer, but not so simple. Yes, they work in this field, but they really didn’t want me to follow them. And this is strange, because if there is a generation in which everyone has the same education, then the family prefers it to continue. But not in my case. It was I who wanted to continue the family tradition, but my parents were not happy with this idea.”

“And why did you choose NMU?”

“Because I live in Kyiv, and NMU is almost the only prestigious university that gives me the opportunity to get a good medical education. Other colleges and institutes do not have a very good reputation… In addition, I heard a lot about the Department of Dentistry and really wanted to enter this specialization.”


“I think that dentists are more promising doctors. And, of course, more paid”

“But there are still many doctors who are also very important and in high demand.”

“Yes, of course, but as far as the oral cavity and teeth, in particular, are concerned, it is important, because the face represents a person. And, for example, there are now many dentists who work with people who are willing to pay millions of dollars for the so-called ‘Hollywood smile’, grills or veneers.”

“Of course! Anna, thank you so much for the interview and I wish you great success in your career!”

“And thank you very much! Good luck and happiness! One magpie for sorrow, two magpies for joy…Bye-bye!”

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