Make Each Day Your Sport Triumph Tour!

(Opinion article)

“Without self-discipline, success is impossible”
(Lou Holtz)

During the quarantine 2020, everybody’s lives have changed. I’m more than confident most of us are lying in a bed now and watching the next Netflix series. In such a case the most difficult exercise for us is to raise up a plate with food, and the longest walk is the walk to a refrigerator. Not bad. However…Is such a motionless life we live usefully? Will we become healthier? You’ll, probably, say there are no conditions. But I’ll say there is no desire.

It’s such a pity situation for those who used to have gym workouts three or four times a week, for dancers who have been spending all day long in dancing studios for years, for everybody who walked fifteen thousand steps a day on foot… But, fortunately, people have found some alternative decisions. Let’s discuss it.

  • Everybody can do trainings at home. We have so much possibility for today thanks to the social networks! You can write your sport coach a message to come up with this problem together. For instance, you can do trainings online going double lives on Instagram, create video chats in Zoom or use well-known Skype. There are too much Internet platforms that are easy and comfortable to use.
  • If you don’t have a trainer, don’t get upset! Visit some popular Instagram or YouTube accounts of the sport clubs you know or like and check them out. Most likely they are not sitting in one’s hands and have already organized their activity an accessible way. Hurry to join!
  • At the very outside, you can follow some famous sport coaches who go live periodically and do absorbing sport challenges with celebrities and other influential people. As a variant, you can follow Andriy Khomytskiy (@khomytskyi_official on Instagram), a competent fitness trainer of celebrities and professional sportsmen, who practices sport battles each Sunday on his personal account. I can assure, it’s impossible to look at people training and do nothing!
  • Saying about dancing studios, there are even more possibilities. The biggest Ukrainian dance centers don’t let their students get bored. Dance Centre My Way has been practicing free online-classes “My Home Dance“ for eight weeks. Just imagine, you can challenge yourself, learning different-style choreographies from Ukrainian top-dancers every evening at home! To my opinion, it’s a good start, available for everyone.
  • Finally, you can do exercises in the yard or in the forest area. Do you have a private house, a sports ground, or something like this? Go there and perfect your body. Outdoor sports are a classic. Walking, running, exercising in the open air will shape your health better; you will charge yourself on a productive week.

After all, when will we have such an opportunity to develop and improve yourself again? Catch all the chances and stay physically active during self-quarantine. And be healthy!

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