Millionaire 2021


Every month all over the world there are business ideas implementing new projects. These are cool new ideas that breathe new life into the business industry.
Let’s start with the Instagram business.

Today there are many ways of doing business through Instagram, ranging from selling ready-made goods or services to making money on the social network itself, namely promoting and administering accounts, selling Instagram photos or completing tasks. The uniqueness of the site is that it allows you to find options for both easy money and business for the soul like blogging on your favorite topic. As their popularity grows, many Instagram bloggers start making money by selling ad posts.


When choosing a business idea in 2021, you should pay attention to stickers – this is a popular topic among teenagers and young people today and a good option for your business. The heroes of the stickers can be famous cartoon characters, movie characters, singers and various famous personalities. In large cities of the country, specialized outlets even began to appear – sticker shops, which, in addition to stickers, sell various unusual souvenirs for fans of certain heroes.

Fresh bars, smoothie bars

Fresh bars are stationary or mobile food service points that specialize in the sale of freshly squeezed juices (fresh juices) or other drinks based on them. They can be called Juice Bars or Smoothie Bars. The reasons for the fashion for fresh juices among the population are the love of novelties and the fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Judging by the statistics, fresh bars are in trend now: since 2017, the number of such establishments in cities with a population of over one million has increased by 48%, reaching 2084 establishments. It can be assumed that in 2021 the number of fresh bars will grow.

Transformation games

One of the popular online business idea business niches is hosting transformational board games. In the course of such a game, the lead organizer acts as a moderator of the meeting, telling the players the principles of the game and helping the players to achieve the desired result. The result in transformational games is not just a victory in so much, but a lesson learned for the real sphere of life: the topic can be relationships and family, career and business, self-development and creative potential, etc. This kind of activity is also called a game practice. If earlier such a business took place mainly offline, today an online format is also possible, for work in which investments are practically not required.

Creativity store

Surveys on the topic of leisure business ideas show that most Ukrainians spend their free time at home, preferring it to going to the cinema, cafes, walking and more. The assortment of creativity stores is just aimed at such “couch potatoes” who can keep their hands busy with sewing and knitting, decoupaging and modeling, and so on. Shops of goods for creativity have the greatest prospects in big cities.

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