Miracle On Ceiling A Surrealistic Approach

hristmas story)

The New Year and Christmas are the first of all family holidays. Most Ukrainians celebrate the New Year with their folks and friends. Every family, of course, has its own traditions.

The main tradition of most families in Ukraine is to decorate the Christmas tree. However, what to do when there is a child in the family who has just learned to walk and breaks everything in his or her path. When my little sister ran for the first time, it was New Year’s Eve. My mother and I decided to save Christmas toys and the Christmas tree from stress and came up with an alternative.

We decorated our chandelier on the ceiling. After all, this was the only place that our baby could not get to. It turned out quite funny but still beautiful. The real Christmas tree…on the ceiling, looking like a surrealistic approach of Salvador Dali. I guess he would estimate it…

The toys are intact, the Christmas tree is resting, the family is happy. Wow!

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