Mission in Someone’s Life

We met new people all the time and think it’s just by chance. But in my personal opinion, every person was given for us on purpose. It’s just antics of destiny.

Mostly we are trying to have close relationships as long as we can even when realize that everything should end right now. It happens only because we believe that a good friend or lover will never be found again. It’s an absolute lie!

Every person in life has some mission for you. Like, help with your mental issues, study problems or just to make your life brighter. So when one figure appears in your life everything is easy and fine. But then unfortunately you start arguing or feeling alone even when you are together. It’s not because you or your favorite human become a bad person. Surely no! It happens when missions for each other should approach a big finale.

Sometimes it’s pretty hurtful, but the main thing here is to find out that even after special ones we will find another and better. Just the rule of the world.

Isn’t it amazing how all world turning around our lives so people come and go?! We have to be thankful for all good or bad experiences from people because it was their assignment or so. Just let it go…

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