My City is Quarantined

Don`t sleep a lot!

April 20, Kyiv. The diagnosis of COVID-19 was confirmed in 5,710 Ukrainians. 151 deaths were recorded, and 261 patients were recovered. The death rate is 2.6%.

In Kyiv, the quarantine is prolonged until April 24. Due to the increase in the number of coronavirus diseases, the city authorities decided to establish an emergency regime. The city closed shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, canceled concerts, and banned children’s and sports grounds. It is just awful!

From March 23, Kyiv residents and guests of the capital cannot use public transport. Special routes have been developed for the employees of enterprises providing critical spheres of life of society (health workers, rescuers, law enforcement officers, etc.). Restrictions also apply to metropolitan grocery stores and pharmacies. There should be 1 person per 10 square meters in the commercial premises.

Most locals switched to teleworking and training. Distance learning for children in schools is different. It is up to each school to decide how it will end this school year: what needs to be improved and improved, and what should the students focus on. For higher education institutions, they all also organize distance learning independently, with complete freedom in the choice of technology and training platforms.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has announced that Kyiv will gradually ease up on quarantine if the epidemic goes down after Easter, which is highly hoped by all residents of the city. In such a difficult situation, you should heed the advice of doctors and comply with the quarantine conditions to save your life and the lives of others. It’s important to stay home and take care of each other.

So, be cautious! Update your resume, seek for a distance job, and take not more than three naps a day!

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