My Lovely University


“A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.”

You know, today I realized I still haven’t said anything about my University for two years of study yet! Let me introduce my favorite Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.

Almost every day I actually find myself thinking what a lucky I am! My specialty, favorite teachers, extraordinary tasks, respectful attitude to all students studying here are the factors I value the most, the factors I know I was not wrong about.

So why do I love my university?

I love it because of the lecturers and professors. They are responsive, fair professionals willing to share their own experiences with students. They can enter inter our positions, meet us halfway, support, praise, and motivate as well. It is so important! When you feel that a teacher is not indifferent, you really wanna work more, develop your skills, become batter eventually.

I love it because of the attitude. It’s so nice when you understand that both teachers and students are equal, that no one considers you to be a child, that everyone has the same rights. Teachers listen to your opinion and you shouldn’t be afraid to voice it not in any way.

I love it because of the lessons. Honestly, I did not know where I was going and what would come out two years ago. But now I can say with absolute certainty – my Institute of Journalism and specialty are really mine! I’m interested in learning to write real journalistic materials. I like to create books, magazines, newspapers from the only idea to the final product ready for publication. I enjoy working in the Adobe programs (now I can photoshop myself anything!) I adore organization of various events, festivals, concerts, setting up Facebook ads, coming up with own info-business on Instagram, and many, many more. Often, I find myself thinking there is no “I don’t want to” at the university. Well, sometimes you can think something like “I’m too lazy”, “it’s too difficult”, etc. But all tasks are catching and useful. That’s a lot, you know.

I love it because of the open roads. My university really provides hundreds of opportunities. And if you want, you can achieve much more than just the status of “a student”.

I love it because of the atmosphere. There, on Marshal Tymoshenko street, you feel both a holiday atmosphere and coziness with a comfort at the same time. Now, during the quarantine, I realized that even a 1.5-hour road one way is worth being a student of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.

I love it because of the modernity. What do I need to have with me on a lesson? Usually it’s just a flash drive. Most of the tasks are in the electronic format, that, of course, is very convenient.

I love it because of the students. There are so many people around, who are talented and creative like you, who are smart to talk to, who become your friends.

Probably, I can write about my university endlessly, but I just wanna say again how glad I am that I wasn’t wrong about my choice. I’m glad that I’m studying here. Thank you, my dear KUBG! ❤️

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