My Place of Power

This happens to all of us. It has already happened to someone, for others it may happen later but all people go through such a period. I`m talking about sadness.

All of us sometimes suffer from different types of depression and melancholy. Daily humdrum life leads us to stresses. You probably have felt this way by yourself. I`m not an exception, so I will tell you my story. It`s about how I found my place of power.

Place of power is such an individual place for each person, where they feel strong, independent, free, and invulnerable. It`s a plot of land on which positive or negative mystic power is concentrated. You may not know where your personal place of power is but if you need it you will find it. Some time ago, I was feeling sad most of the time. I was depressed and I didn`t know what to do. My friends told me to go outside for a walk, so I got on my bike and went for a walk.

I rode a bicycle all day and accidentally wandered into a forest in the evening. I lived in my city all my life, and as a child, I often walked in this forest with my friends. So I knew this place backward and forwards. I drove past my favorite oak tree, past a lake, and ended up in a strange place. Curiously, but I had never been there before. This place was covered with rainbow flowers and tiny trees. I stopped and went to look around. This place was really wonderful and charming. Birds were singing so loud and I even couldn`t hear myself – but it helped. I noticed that being fascinated by the fairytale beauty I stopped thinking about all bad, evil and frightening things. I stopped thinking about my problems, and sadness. I felt calm and enlightenment, the mild melody of Mother Nature…

This moment I realized that this is my place of power – I can always come here and forget about all sad thoughts that I have in my head.

And what are your places of power? I look forward to your comments.

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