My Wished-for TV Program Is…

… Galileo. This is a television cognitive program about the structure of the world. It is out of the ordinary and easy to watch. The TV anchor of the program, Alexander Pushnoy, is a classy and charismatic man, having many hobbies, not speaking about the fact that he is a famous musician. He poses absolutely any questions on the air of the show, even those that seem ridiculous and ‘childish.’ The answers, quite mature, are screened in the Galileo video clips.

“Galileo” existed for a long time, namely from 2007 to 2015. When I sometimes turn it on, I immediately feel nostalgia because it’s a time portal to my childhood. Basically, each issue consists of several stories and one experiment in the studio. The plots can be from the original German version or shot by the Russian team. Starting with Mega Galileo only original Russian stories have been shown.

The concept itself is quite well thought out. There are many headings, which makes the transfer more saturated. In addition to the program, there is the informative magazine ‘Galileo. Science through experience.’ The average run time of the series takes 24 minutes (1-5 seasons) and 48 minutes (6-15 seasons).

This program is great for both children and adults. After benefiting from one issue, you can learn a lot of cutting edge and useful information on various topics. The program answers popular questions about how certain processes take place. For example, how truffles are harvested, or how blind people read books in Braille. The plots are always catching, not protracted, which is really a plus. Every viewer can easily understand complex things. I recommend Galileo to anyone who wants to broaden the outlook, to develop and spend their free time for their own benefit.

In my opinion, this program, despite the fact that it has existed for a long time, will always be relevant. Therefore, do not forget about it and if the child wants to watch something, one of the best options is this program.

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