New Cinderella

One peasant had a wife and a daughter. The baby was beautiful and kind. The girl’s parents adored their child. The family lived happily ever after. But one autumn the girl’s mother died. A couple of years later, the father decided to remarry. His chosen one was a woman who had two daughters.

The stepmother did not like her husband’s daughter from her first marriage. The woman loaded the girl with work. She had to serve both the new mother and her children. She cooked, cleaned, washed and sewed. The girl in her own house turned into a maid. Although the father loved his daughter, he did not dare to argue with his new wife. And the girl from daily work and lack of time for herself was constantly dirty. Everyone started calling her Cinderella. Stepmother’s children envied the beauty of the girl and annoyed her day in and day out.

Once the king announced that he was going to arrange a ball. The stepmother hoped that one of her daughters would become a princess, and the other would marry a minister. Cinderella also wanted to get to the ball, but her stepmother set her a condition: first the girl had to go through millet with poppy seeds.

All residents came to the ball to the palace. One poor Cinderella was sitting at home doing this drudgery. The girl was upset.

Suddenly a fairy came to Cinderella. She decided that the girl should go to the ball because she deserved it. The sorceress looked splendid; she was wearing a white dress, and she was holding a magic wand. At first, the fairy did all the work for the girl. Then the sorceress asked Cinderella to find a pumpkin in the garden. The fairy waved her wand, and the pumpkin turned into a carriage, the mice were turned into horses, and the rat into a coachman. Then the fairy touched the girl’s dress with her wand, and the old dress turned into a beautiful outfit with jewelry. The girl had crystal shoes on her feet. The sorceress told the girl that the fairy tale for her would end at 12 o’clock at night, by which time Cinderella should return home.

The prince was told in the palace that Cinderella was a princess. A young man met her at the entrance. Everyone looked at Cinderella, because she was very beautiful. The prince fell in love with her at first sight. He invited her to dance. Cinderella danced best of all.

At midnight the girl returned home. She thanked the fairy for such a wonderful evening. The stepmother and daughters returned from the ball too. Stepmother was very surprised that Cinderella managed to do everything. The house just shone with cleanliness.

The next day, the stepmother and the girls went to the ball again. The fairy fell by once again. This time the girl’s dress was even more beautiful. The prince danced only with Cinderella the whole evening. He was no longer interested in anything or anything. This time Cinderella woke up just only when she heard the clock striking. She ran out of the palace. The prince followed her. But he did not catch up with his chosen one. Cinderella ran so fast that she lost her shoe, but the prince found it. He decided to find his chosen one.

Cinderella ran home in the morning. Of all the outfits, she now had only a shoe. The stepmother was furious that Cinderella missed something. She was even more angry that her stepdaughter had done all the work.

The prince gathered all his friends and servants to search his sweet girl. He decided that the one that would fit the size of the shoe would become his wife. The prince was looking for his beloved among the duchesses and princesses, merchants and noble women, but the shoe did not fit anyone. Then the prince began to look for a girl among the common people. And one day he got to Cinderella’s house. Her stepmother’s daughters ran to measure the shoe. It did not suit them. The prince wanted to go, but suddenly appeared Cinderella. The shoe went perfectly on her foot. Then the girl got a second shoe from the fireplace. The fairy turned Cinderella’s old dress into a new and beautiful one. The sisters began to apologize to her.

The Prince and Cinderella got married. The girl’s family moved with her to the palace, and the sisters started living in the palace too.

But soon the good and hard-working Cinderella turned into an evil and quarrelsome person. She constantly quarreled with the prince, expelled the old king from the palace, mocked the sisters. After a while, it turned out that there was a forest outlaw with his gang in the nearby forest, who had long dreamed of capturing the palace and surrounding areas. And it should be noted that he succeeded in it, punishing all those who lived in the palace.

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