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Found interesting information about the red planet. I want to share it with you.

The Perseverance rover received oxygen from the atmosphere.

NASA’s Perseverance rover managed to get oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars. He was able to extract his apparatus using an experimental device on board – he converted carbon dioxide into oxygen.

NASA said such a discovery would help provide astronauts with breathable air in the future. By the way, the atmosphere of Mars is 96 percent carbon dioxide.

Recall that the Perseverance rover made a successful landing on the Red Planet in mid-February. The purpose of his mission is to search for signs of life on Mars, collect rock samples, and study the planet’s climate.

The first helicopter flights on Mars

A helicopter on Mars! NASA announced the first successful flights of the Ingenuity minicopter on the Red Planet. In the first flight, it rose above the surface of Mars by about three meters and stayed at this height for about 30 seconds.

Later, the helicopter landed and transmitted images from its camera to Earth. The NASA helicopter became the first aircraft to fly on another planet. The second flight, scheduled for April 22nd, was also successful. This time, Ingenuity climbed 5 meters, hovered for a short time, and then moved two meters to the side.After that, the helicopter hovered again and made a turn around its axis to take pictures of the surroundings using a color camera.

And then came back and landed at the starting point. On Earth, they received a picture of the shadow of Ingenuity, taken by a black and white camera of the drone. As well as a partial video recorded by the camera of the Perseverance, the rover located 64 meters away. Soon NASA will receive footage from the Ingenuity color camera and a specific video of the flight.

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