Night Disaster

Even at night, before the arrival of the flaming sunbeams, people from houses could observe the glow over the station. Then it could seem beautiful, bewitching…

However, it carried death. It was the night before the disaster. Far from the station, far from the melting nuclear reactor…

Behind the railway, in the shadows of the trees, just like people, rabbits peeped out of their holes. Their beady eyes watched in awe as the station fire broke out. Cold pierced their skins. The dogs went out into the cold.

Even on a hot night like this, they shivered, frozen by the side of the road. Their mouths whined and their eyes were watery. They felt the trouble in their guts. The animals lurked as fire trucks swept along the road. The firefighters in them had not yet known what exactly they were going to face. From small windows, they saw the deep night sky bursting with radioactive fire.

Cars on an urgent call rushed through small villages and farms. No one yet knew that soon all this would be abandoned. Around the next turn, the driver saw the entire nuclear power plant. It stood like a fallen castle. Smoke drifted into the sky, blocking out the stars.

It was a night… a night of disaster.

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