Nine Tips About Good Deeds

It is an eternal truth: do not zero in on negative aspects of your life, think positively to do good deeds. Some ugly hag kicked your ass in the morning subway, forget about it! Your office mates bought you a cup of coffee!

Remind someone important that you love him

Hearing “I love you” from a loved one is always nice. And often we forget to do it – simply because it seems unimportant or obvious. Let this article become for you the very sign that you need to confess to someone in love.

Give old clothes

We are ready to argue that many of you have at home a box with old things that are waiting in the wings: either to be thrown away, to be given to friends, or just donated. If this is quality clothing, why don’t you finally take it to ‘Laska’ charity store today? Let it get another chance for life.

Call an adult relative

Even if your mother and grandmother are on Viber or even on Telegram, they will still be happy to hear your voice. Usually, you have dozens of excuses: laziness, lack of time but it will just take only a couple of minutes to make them happy. Make an effort on yourself today, right now. Moreover, the cold season is so sad for lonely people.

Treat someone with coffee or tea

Going to the coffee machine at work? Invite a colleague to make a cappuccino for her as well. Or, while going to the office, grab your assistant’s or accountant’s favorite buns. In a word, unexpected acts of attention will surely please your colleagues – and it is important to please them, in the end, you spend so much time together.

Ask your friends or partners how their day passed and listen to them attentively

Seriously, do not assent by flipping through the tape of any social network but really find out what happened to your loved one today and how he experienced and felt it. You know personally how nice it is to be noticed and listened to by somebody.

Tidy up the street

It’s not necessary to wait for World Cleaning Day or even Saturday: if you see garbage, just bring it to the nearest ballot box. Perhaps you will feel squeamish but the feeling of how responsible and environmentally friendly you are will warm you for a long time.

Share a good book with someone

Finished reading an inspirational novel? Share your warm feelings with others nearby!

Choose a charitable foundation that you like and support them

Sometimes, just how easy it is to help can be surprising. Here, for example: send some sum of money by which you could buy a cup of coffee to those who need it. No matter how much – 20, 30, 40 hryvnia. Important: do not force yourself, find those who you want to help – children, animals, the elderly. And, ideally, find the strength in yourself to share this: it will not be bragging, but it can inspire your friends to do good.

Promise yourself not to complain

At least one day! A huge amount of time and internal forces we spend on whining, bleating, and feeling sorry for ourselves. Sometimes it’s useful: to fall on a bed with a cheese pizza and think about how good you are, and the rest are so-so, this is real wellness. But still, do not let this emotion suck itself. Change the vector of attention: yes, a wicked witch in the subway kicked your ass and said everything she thought about ‘yo momma’ in the morning, but your office mates brought a flower on your desk and praised your brand-new sweater! Think about it.

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