No chance to change the past


The right choice in reality does not exist –there is only a choice made and consequences. “ –
Elchin Safarli

Many people are often faced with a choice problem. And I am the supremacist of the consideration: there is no “right” and “wrong”, there is only a choice and its consequences. We always tend to hesitate with a decision, weighing the pros or cons, rather than taking action. Many people regard the wrong choice as one that leads to problems and negative consequences. It is worth understanding here: when you make a decision, you cannot know what the consequences of this or that choice will be.

We tend to think in terms of “right” and “wrong” when our decision has brought us negative consequences and problems. There is a hope that the alternative solution would be better and more correct. The belief is false, since we can never know how the circumstances would have developed if we had gone the other way and what its consequences would have been. And where does such confidence and naivety come from that another choice is correct? After all, this is an unknown abyss, an untapped path, walking along which anything could happen, it could bring even greater problems, for example. But for some reason we do not think about it, because it is inherent in us to finish the picture, that if we did it differently it would be better. All this is self-deception and inability to accept the situation, to interpret it correctly. Of course, we can analyze and ponder, coming to the conclusion that we made the wrong choice – you say. But! The truth is, these are just your guesses! How it would be in reality you will never know, for time cannot be rewound! There is also the misconception that if we do not choose at all, then we avoid responsibility for our choice. But the bottom line is that we also make choices in this way! The choice is not to act, which also has its consequences. It is always easier for us to blame ourselves for a wrong decision than to admit the fact that any choice can bring us both joy and problems. Be honest with yourself when choosing, and remember that we will not know where our solution will lead us without trying. There is only a true choice, when you choose based on your own desires and preferences, and a false one, when you choose, originating from someone else’s imposed opinion or the fear of doing what you want because of judgments, or thoughts that it will not work out, or beliefs that you can be wrong. The fear of doing wrong is a ghost that you believe in but doesn’t exist!

As soon as you understand this, you will become free, not regretting the choice you made, and not being afraid of further decisions!

Therefore: it is better to do and regret than not to do and regret! And even if you make a mistake, it’s better than not doing it. And remember: you will not return time back, and accordingly, to argue that it would be right to do differently is stupid, because these are only your subjective guesses!

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