No one Owes Nothing to Nobody

Where did this popular phrase come from to the common people, “Nobody owes anything to anyone?” This is a disgusting statement. Deceitful in its essence, for any man and woman are social beings. And entering into a relationship of any kind turns into a social must. 

Because he or she gave hope, promised, sealed with a kiss or a word. Because there is a conscience in the end. You let a person into your social milieu, you allowed him to enter your life and he permitted you to enter into him — both of you assumed obligations.

Obligations to him, obligations to her. From a certain moment, you do not care what happens to a person – you are in a bundle. Imagine yourself a mountaineer, and how you shout to your partner, coupled with you, “Hey, friend, I hesitated, tired. I disconnect you – I don’t owe you anything.” You SHOULD. We owe our children because they didn’t ask us. We owe our parents because we didn’t ask for them, but we live and enjoy life. We owe to our friends because we are responsible for those whom we tamed.

We owe those whom we said, “I love you”, and even when we didn’t say but they entered into a relationship with you. It is all the same. And there is no free relationship. This term is for those who have responsibility okho (now or in general). The word “relationship” suggests that you didn’t just make quick contacts with a person. You came into close contact, the protective shell melted — that’s what you are responsible for protecting this vulnerability.

If you are my boyfriend, I am not supposed to rush to the train if you told me about your misfortune. I answer exactly fifty percent. Life is life. And I will answer one hundred percent if I say, “Do not load me. I have enough of my worries.” If your sweet girl is crying, maybe not because she is hysterical, but because you hurt her. Her guilt is that she takes this offense, yours — what you said or did. Being in a relationship, we inevitably influence each other.
Therefore, you should be responsible for this influence. “We are in charge of those who we live together with.” And the implanted ideology of individualism leads to the destruction of relationships. Instead of a friend, you get a psychoanalyst, instead of love, you get sex, instead of genuine intimacy, just 148 cable TV channels and the Internet. When no one owes anything to anyone, life is easier. Nevertheless….Debt and responsibility require spiritual as well as mental work…

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