No panic, No laziness, No madness (COVID-19 is just 3.5 times tougher than flu)

(Opinion article)

Coronavirus ….. what a small word compared to the big problems it created.  The outbreak of the virus has created terrible conditions for people.  Unemployment, all the people at home, the deserted streets, the empty counters, the toilet paper towers at home and the strange behavior of people slowly starting to go crazy without society, without yelling of their bosses, without communication.

The apocalypse…apocalypse… apocalypse…this is how it looks now.

But having read the news recently about tourists returning from abroad, I was shocked.  People just pelted others with stones, rushed with their fists on them screaming offensive words.  And here’s what I’ll tell you: a coronavirus is NOT an excuse to become an aggressive animal, not an excuse to lose humanity, not an excuse to offend others.  This is a kind of billing already!  One more shot where the young driver pushes his grandfather out of the trolley because she is without a mask…  But most importantly: the driver himself does not have his own mask!  Is the world really crazy?  Remember: no virus will be terrifying to us if we learn how to deal with it properly, and most importantly, help one another and be tolerant and human.  Always, in all circumstances, you need to remain human !!!  If you push or throw stones at possibly potential patients — in the first place it will lead to nothing, and secondly it is very cruel and brutal.

So, be human!  Wear masks, gloves, wash hands and face, wipe your things with antiseptic — this is your protection, and don’t throw your fists at people!

To relax and to get rid of the quarantine boredom, I would like to give you some tips on how to survive it with benefit and even pleasure. Such treatment is much better!  The less unnecessary panic, the more productivity!

  1. Find the books you have been wanting to read, maybe even have notes in your notes. The time has come when I can finally read them and not worry about anything!  A book, a hot coffee cup and a window view are a perfect choice.  Journey into several hundred pages – dive into it,  know yourself, self improve, and rack your brains!
  2. Take care of your hobbies. For example, for a long time, I did not remember what I wanted to do in my free time, when one day I did not start writing poetry and then a book.  Therefore, you will succeed – it is important to try and start!
  3. Take some interesting online courses, there are even free! Psychology, English, analytics, political science, art and more!  Now you have this wonderful opportunity, do not waste it!  The internet space is completely open to you!
  4. Browse the live blogs of various bloggers / journalists / singers / gymnasts who will answer your questions and provide useful tips! This is a great way to get distracted and have fun!
  5. Play sports! Forest and riverbank are good for you. The physical activity will help you keep your body in shape. It will also boost your immunity, the main weapon against all viruses!  I have recently started doing stretching – and it’s just a thrill to see your results.  So, it is profitable and useful, no matter how cool.
  6. The biggest positive side of quarantine is the opportunity to spend more time with your family! Finally, you can all gather at the dinner table and share warm stories.
  7. Start blogging! This is a great option for taking a long time to think through texts and articles on a variety of interesting topics.

So, don’t be depressed, panic, be sad, or be crazy and be human!  There are many options for how to spend this difficult time for us!  Quarantine is not a reason to be bored and lie on the couch constantly, there are more fascinating and useful things.  It is an opportunity to develop and improve yourself.

Besides, keep in mind that the whole situation is too overexaggerated. The lethal rate of the coranvirus is just 3.5 times more than the same seasonal flue indicator. These are not my words but the information from Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of WHO. Moreover, according to the opinion of a number of Ukrainian doctors, absinthe wormwood is a good means of COVID-19 prophylaxis and prevention.

Coronavirus is not the end, it is the beginning of something new!

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