Nothing is impossible! You just need to believe in your own strength!


Every day I ask myself how much I have already achieved, and why I have not done more. As a child, little Alyona promised herself that she would be a singer. Of course, everything changes, we change. Many years have passed, I study at a prestigious university, I am even a journalist with one foot. I have the first achievements in the field of publishing and even the first books I have written myself.

However, my heart still belongs to music. I sang when I was four years old and later started playing the piano. I even had my own CDs with recordings of my songs. Then I really wanted to learn to play guitar and ukulele, for myself. Everyone told me that it was too late to grab my head and run to study at the university with my feet and hands. But I didn’t listen, so now I can play the ukulele and master the guitar better. You need to believe and listen first of all to your heart! After all, nothing is impossible for a person!

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