Odessa Private House


In Odessa, we lived in a large private house on a quiet street. This house had two floors, a basement and an attic. On the ground floor there was a kitchen and a hall.

The hall was the largest and brightest room in the house. The living room was very cozy because it had a fireplace. In front of the fireplace lay a white fluffy carpet. This house had a nice kitchen.

Our room was on the second floor. It had two beds, a computer desk and a bookcase. A map of the world hung on the wall. There were models of ships on the shelves, which reminded us of the city we were in. The whole street and the sea could be seen from the window.

Behind the house there was a beautiful garden. It grew aromatic apples, cherries and pears. In the evening after the walk, we sat there with hot tea and admired the sea view. In general, we really liked the house and next time we will definitely return to it. See you!

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