Old Golden Watch


In childhood Peter was very friendly with an old neighbor.
But as time went on, appeared the college and hobbies, then work and personal life. The young man ran like a hamster in a wheel, being up to ears in his life problems.

Once he found out that his neighbor had died – and suddenly remembered: the old man taught him a lot, trying to replace the boy’s father who passed away too early. Feeling guilty, he came to the funeral. In the evening, after the burial, Peter entered the deserted house of the deceased. Everything was the same as it was many years ago … Only a small golden box, in which, according to the old man, the most valuable thing for him was kept, disappeared from the table. Thinking that one of the few relatives had taken it, the man left the house. However, two weeks later he received the package.

Seeing the name of the dead neighbor on it, the young man shuddered and opened the box. Inside there was that same gold box. It contained an old golden pocket watch with an engraving, “Thanks for the time with me.” Like a bolt out of sky, an unexpected idea flashed his mind –the most valuable time for the old man was the time spent with his little friend.

Since then, Peter has tried to devote as much as possible of his time to his wonderful wife and splendid son.

Life is not measured by income. It is measured by the several moments that make us hold our breath.

Time is slipping away from us every second. All you need to do is to spend it reasonably…

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