One Day of My Life

(A story)

It’s raining all day. It’s my favorite rain. It’s my favorite day.
How many emotions can a person feel during a day? How many dearest wishes can be fulfilled in such a short period of time?

You allow yourself to dream, and the pictures in your head actually happen to you in a couple of hours. You allow yourself to be happy in the spirit, and everything that makes you happy comes to you in reality. How does it work? How? No answer needed. The main thing is that it works. I really want to tell you this story.

Last year the organizers of the biggest summer music festival in Ukraine Atlas Weekend practiced fan-meetings with musicians, called Meet & Greet. Performers who did such meetings were mainly foreign. But as soon as I learned about this practice, a thought flashed through my mind: “It would be cool if my favorite band, who played on the last day of the festival, organized such a Meet as well.”

Not even a year has passed. Next morning I’ve already been reading a post on Instagram about the contest for Meet with my favorites. I felt myself both joyfully and with a certain apprehension. In order to win you should answer the only one question – “Why should exactly you meet the group?” The authors of the most creative comments would win. How much I wanted to be that one! And how much I had to try to be that one…

It was the last day of the Atlas Weekend. It was the long-awaited final concert for me. And then… What magic could happen! Honestly, I was a little afraid of dreaming.

I was thinking about what to write to be original. That morning I wrote a post. I said just what I wanted. You know, I doubted terribly… Far into the night, I sent this post to Facebook. Shuck it! Whatever it was, these were my first thoughts, and I had to send them. To bet them. I had my fingers crossed.

A new day has come. The warm summer rain was falling outside the window. Love it.

From the early morning I had such a strange feeling. I was nervous, and the reason wasn’t absolutely clear. Although… Who am I kidding? Everything was extremely clear! I really wanted to go to this Meet. I wanted it like no other! I wanted to be chosen. Finally, I wanted to win!

It was scary to dream. It seems not to come true if you imagine. You know this is a fallacy. While imagining something, you are not telling this anyone, except yourself. For you, it will be nothing more than motivation and even greater incentive to act.

It was close to dinnertime. Somewhere in the farthest nooks of my soul, I was waiting for this victory. I didn’t admit to myself, but I was waiting.

The results should be announced at 3 p.m.

I felt disgusting, although I probably love this feeling most of all. It’s when you are weak because you are nervous because you are expecting something very pleasant or frustrating. Either / or. Everything or nothing. However, as usually I do.

3 p.m… Nothing happened. It is coming to 4 p.m… Nothing happened. In the meantime, we have already arrived at Atlas Weekend.

Intellectually, I wanted to let the situation go, but I couldn’t do this, no hard I tried. Imagine, as something holds you inside and, like it or not, the spring is getting tighter and tighter. And it will weaken only when you find out the results. Yes or no.

For some reason, the day before I imagined myself sitting in the G-bar, where I will be doing a bright beautiful hairstyle on the last day of Atlas. I dreamt as I would read the long-awaited message in the messenger about my win, while sitting there. These were my hidden thoughts. But they were.

How on earth does this world work?! I was standing (okay, not sitting yet) not far from the G-bar, my hair was about to be styled, as soon as I received a message. That’s what it is. I got that long-awaited message! They had chosen me. F**k! And what a surprise was the realization that MY post won! I didn’t expect at all that they could choose it.

Yes, it’s a dream come true. Dreams come true, you see?! The main things are just your desire and action.

A bright concert, 30 minutes of waiting near the press-center, where the meeting should take place, were after. And there you go. There it is. The moment I have been waiting for, probably, since 2016, happened. This is the moment when you can get close to the people who are very important to you, and say them about this. This is the moment when you can just hug them. When you can say “thank you” to the ones whose music you love from the heart. The moment when you can feel yourself like the happiest person in the world and share your happiness with them. I had been repeating the next words aloud for many times that day: “I am the happiest person in this world”. Was it a self-hypnosis? In part, it was. Was it the truth? Of course, it was!

I entered press-center among the first. People before me just took pictures and walked away. I walked over and asked to say a few words to my favorite musicians. I didn’t need more – just say a word and hug them.

What did I say? I said what I wanted. What did I remember? I remembered their eyes. Their light eyes were sparkling. Their smiles were shining. What beautiful people they are! They are beautiful both externally and internally. Then I heard the frontman’s words: “How sincere it is!” and… The most important thing for me happened. He embraced me after these words. His hugs were strong and long. They were warm. They were so necessary for me at that moment. I was the happiest person in this world! “Wanna take a picture?” “Of course!”

I went out. Tears of happiness appeared on my face.

Atlas, what are you doing with people! I can’t believe it, but everything happened exactly as I imagined. Like I secretly wanted to. You see, you shouldn’t be afraid of dreaming a lot. After all, it’s not harmful!

It started raining again. It’s my favorite rain. It’s my favorite day.

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