Portugal My Dream. My Love, My Inspiration

The Portuguese Republic is the westernmost state in continental Europe, washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is made up of the Azores and the Atlantic Ocean archipelago of Madeira. The capital is Lisbon. Portuguese is the official language.

Portugal is famous for its history, low crime rate, excellent hotels with first-class service and interesting excursion programs. Another undeniable plus is local cuisine with excellent wines and fine meat, fish and vegetable dishes, but still fish cooking is its main focus. The country produces a huge number of red, white and “green” wines reminiscent of champagne. Port wine is the visiting card of Portugal: white is drunk as an aperitif, and red is for dessert.

Beach lovers will be able to relax on the coast. History lovers will surely find many curious things to do, and fans of the nightlife are unlikely to get bored. Portugal is multifaceted and will be able to satisfy the needs of any tourist, and rest in the country’s resorts will always be to the taste of guests.

Lisbon is Europe’s westernmost capital and one of the oldest cities in the world. The earthquake and tsunami of 1755 took a heavy toll on Lisbon, almost completely destroying it. However, the capital’s revival from the ruins was very rapid, according to a design by the Marquês de Pombal. Majestic cathedrals, elegant palaces, pompous monuments to kings and marquises still remind us of the imperial past of this land. History and antique lovers will therefore be particularly curious to visit Portugal’s capital.

It is worth noting that Lisbon is one of Europe’s top ten shopping cities, so guests should take a peek at the Chiado district’s shopping malls and go to Baixa for souvenirs.

Madeira’s archipelago is approximately 700 km west of the African coast and 1,000 km south of Portugal. Madeira is perfect for a relaxing family or romantic holiday in the midst of lush nature, beauty and silence. The resorts have almost no beaches familiar to tourists, as the shores are rocky and steep. However, hotels usually have large pools with sea water.

Recovery recreation in Madeira is especially popular. Also, 5-star hotels usually have therapy centers with a wide range of recovery programs. The region is suitable for active recreation for lovers of fishing, hunting, diving, and windsurfing. Local restaurants offer the world-famous original Madera and delight in superb cuisine.

If you have not decided where to go the next vacation, Portugal is an excellent choice. As once remarked Richard H. Davis “Portugal is a high hill with a white watch tower on it flying signal flags…”

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