Professional Idleness

Do you need someone to go to the movies with you, support you during the vaccination, or listen to your complaints about life? One Japanese even earns by such simple tasks. And not as little as you might think.

How to become an unemployed millionaire:

Two and a half years ago, 37-year-old Japanese Shoji Morimoto wrote on his Twitter that anyone can hire him if you need to keep company somewhere or give simple advice.

At first he did it absolutely free of charge, but the demand for such a “specialist” exceeded all expectations. Then Shoji Morimoto began asking for 10,000 Japanese yen (approximately UAH 2,500) for his services and reimbursement of travel and food expenses.

Such working meetings are very different: one day Morimoto watches a movie in the cinema, and the next day he flies with a client by helicopter. He had already kept company with Disneyland and listened to the confession of a criminal who wanted to speak out. Sometimes he is called for moral support: in the hospital or during a divorce.

He manages to meet an average of three or four people a day. As of now, the Japanese have already earned about 8 million hryvnias in this way.

Even idlers need a diploma.

But do not think that Shoji Morimoto was able to monetize the complete lack of talent. On the contrary: a man has a higher education and even a degree in physics. Until June 2018, he worked in a publishing house, was the author and editor of educational materials, but resigned and never found a job.

During the two years of his idleness he wrote a book, and his story became the plot for the series. And, according to Morimoto, for the first time in his life he is satisfied with his work.

The man claims that he is usually hired by single people who are bored or need to talk to someone.

I am called when there is a need for the presence of another person. I am not a friend or partner. Without the irritating factors that are always in a relationship, I can help alleviate the condition of people who suffer from loneliness.” Therefore, he can be considered a professional fighter with loneliness.

A few years of professional laziness – and you are a millionaire!

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