Quarantine… New Knowledge… New Horizons

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more than 100 countries have closed educational institutions for quarantine. Quarantine invaded Ukraine brutally and unexpectedly.

By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 12, for the first time in history, quarantine was introduced in the whole of Ukraine. So far, schools are closed until April 24, but the final date for the end of quarantine in the government has not yet been announced.

But no one canceled the training. All educational institutions began to master distance learning. Students of Grinchenko University were also quarantined.

Distance couples at Grinchenko University were held earlier, so it was not very difficult to quarantine for online training. The e-course is an extraordinary helper for students. Every day, while there should be couples, we go to an e-course. Teachers are constantly in touch and paint all the tasks in detail. The following applications are used for distance learning: Zoom, Hangouts, and Moodle.

Thus, Grinchenko University in quarantine works online and training takes place at the highest level according to all the rules.

Quarantine is still ongoing. For more than a month, all students sit at home and study remotely. From the constant stay at home, everything is boring, the mood changes several times a day. But during quarantine, students have a lot of free time. You can forget about the constant traffic jams, the queue will not bother you, except for the queue in the bathroom of course (it was, is and will be).

During quarantine you will be able to relax not only morally but also physically. Thus, it has a positive effect on your body and stabilizes the rhythm of your life. During quarantine, you can live for yourself, enjoy a wonderful life, without the various worries we face in our real daily life.

Scientists have confirmed that 45% of the people allow themselves  to learn new activities, to get new knowledge, to change their life priorities, to widen their horizons, to understand that you need to live here and right now. We don’t even think that during quarantine we have to be strong and critical, and to fight for our new knowledge, mental health, and own lives.

Let’s live out this quarantine in a good mood. The more optimism, the better.

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