Refrigerator Resident or Beer Buddy

(flash story)

Today, Peter, a refugee from Kyiv, was due to move into a Lviv apartment of a beer buddy of his University buddy who had bros and mates, kiddos and besties all around Ukraine… His name was Sasha…So Peter stood with a modest package of things at the door of Sasha apartment and pressed the intercom button for a long time. Finally, a GIRL with disheveled and wavy hair opened the door for him. Peter winced in surprise, no longer hoping anyone would open.

“Hi, there! Well, why are you standing? Come on. And relax, you are strained as if you had seen a bear, I am Sasha,” the girl giggled.

“Hello,” said the guy awkwardly, and went inside. The beer buddy of his University buddy pulled him by the arm.

“A refugee? Did you bring beer cans? Oh, I see…Now this is your room. You can settle down as it fits you. Ouch, by the way, why do you have so few things?”

“I have enough,” Peter gave Sasha a once-over.

“Well. You can lounge on the sofa, look around, and I’ll fix the hair in the bathroom. We will have dinner soon.”

Sasha went to the bathroom. Peter lay on the carpet in the living room being tired as a dog after a long chase. Suddenly, he heard a rustle coming from the kitchen. The hostess did not talk about the guests… Maybe these are robbers?! The guy tensed, picked up a self-defense table lamp, and walked slowly to the kitchen. Something rustled in the refrigerator. He yelled as if he had met a marauder,

“Who is there? Come out!”

The refrigerator door opened and a penguin with an open can of beer in its beak came out. It looked contemptuously at Peter and took a sip.

“Something happened? Why are you shouting?” Sasha ran to the kitchen and stared at Peter in surprise. But when she saw the penguin, she understood everything and smiled.

“It’s not funny,” the guy frowned.

“No, it’s really funny. But I’m sorry, please. I forgot to tell you about Dott, one of my beer buddies…”

They sat on the carpet with the penguin and had dinner together…It`s not so bad to have beer buddies all around Ukraine, especially in our time…

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