Respect Ukrainian Women!

(opinion article)

Nothing could be better than such quote for the start:

What is a strong woman these days? This is a woman who is responsible for everything: for herself, for her family, for those around her, for those she loves, for those who love her. And this is not a small burden. In my opinion, the definition of a strong woman today has a lot of responsibility. On the one hand we wanted it, claiming some equality. On the other hand, this burden is very exhausting. After all, no one has yet relieved women of housekeeping and other remnants of the household and the behavior of their parents.”
Maria Efrosinina

So, who is this gorgeous girl and what is she famous for? She is a well-known Ukrainian television presenter, public figure, blogger with 2,1 million followers on Instagram and 567k on YouTube. Maria loves to inspire women. That is why she shares her own experience of success and defeat in various spheres of her life at ‘You are alone’ meetings, as well as on her own YouTube channel. By the way, in her video ‘My Five,’ the star appears in unexpected, often humorous, images.

Everyone has his or her own life, and my mission is to tell every girl, looking into her eyes, that her life is beautiful and it does not depend on whether she has a husband, children, a dog, a house, or a job.”

Besides, she isn’t an average Masha…

In May 2019, Maria became the Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine. I think it’s really worth respect that exactly the Ukrainian woman became the first woman to obtain this status in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She shows how everyone can build the story. All over the world people hear her firm voice and now she is the best in narrating what’s going on in Ukraine during the war Russia started. She is the stylish and strong-will woman whose posts you can’t stop reposting.

I think that such charismatic young women as Maria Efrosinina should be respected by every Ukrainian girl!

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