Review of the “Man’s search for meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust”

Victor Frankl is a world-renowned psychiatrist, psychotherapist, philosopher. In 1942 he got to a concentration camp where he was hungry, humiliated, sick, and constantly threatened with life. Analyzing his behavior and the behavior of other prisoners, Frankl found strategies that keep a person over the abyss, protect the mind from insanity and make sense of life. He described his horrific survival experience in a book that helped millions of people find themselves and change their lives.

The first part of the book deals with the author’s personal experience in the concentration camp and the second – more theoretical – the basics of logotherapy.

In The Book of Man in Search of True Meaning, you will find neither annoying teaching nor an obsessive, sometimes unbearable moralizing. The author simply, confidently and easily shares his experience of life in the terrible conditions of the concentration camp, where all he loved were killed: his beloved wife, parents, brother. So do not rush to put this motivationally rich and insightful book into the farthest corner of the shelf.

The book will be a great advisor for those who are on the verge of despair and those who seek to change for the better in the face of circumstances that seem impossible to change.

Based on his own scientific and methodological theory of logotherapy and real cases of psychotherapy practice, the author seeks to teach people in despair what is important and not what we expect from life, but what life expects from us.

Two parts of this book are a healing source of inspiration, of thought that drives the search for truth, a rethinking of value orientations and a light belief that there is a way out of any most dramatic situation.

Victor Frankl’s work can be a signpost in the right direction, even when everything is lost … Looking for a change? Then the book is exactly for you!

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