School girl`s Summer


I want to share my impressions about this summer. 

The beginning of the summer was splendid, as I made many new friends, every day was hot and we often went to a lake to rollick and rejoice a bit.

Though the water was not crystal clear, we could swim and splash a lot. It was quite warm there.

On hot days we went for walks in the woods to hide in the shade of old trees from the sun.

In July, I went to my grandmother in Western Ukraine. I have the friend there with whom we had a great time. I helped my grandmother with the housework, and in the evening I had awesome outings with our buddies. We went to my old school almost every day, I remembered the times when I studied there.

This summer I tried to play soccer for the first time, at first I didn’t do it very well, but every time I hit it harder.

Summer is a wonderful time, and it is a pity that, like everything good, it ends quickly. Ahead of me — the school and my ‘consolidated and concentrated’ graduation class.

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