Sights of Kharkiv in One Day

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Of course, visiting all the appealing attractions in the city in one day is just a dream. Especially the time of the coronavirus…But if you are young and ambitious, a rushing run in a sanitary mask through the most picturesque places is quite possible. You can start the walk immediately on the forecourt, there is a musical fountain, near which the newlyweds like to crowd and to take pictures.

It is best to stroll around the square in the evening when the fountain is highlighted. This fountain is one of the most visited places in Kharkiv among all tourists, as does the Mirror Stream.

Then you can go to the Annunciation Cathedral, one of the most famous sights of Kharkiv, made in solemn Neo-Byzantine style.

Behind it, you can see the candy-like bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral, and rising up you can see the Assumption Cathedral itself. Many consider this cathedral as the pride of Kharkiv, famous not only for its exterior grandeur but by its Rieger-Kloss organ. The bell tower has a square viewing platform with incredible 360 degrees sights. A little further there is the handsome Holy Protection Cathedral with golden domes.

Further goes embankment, the terrace square and the romantic staircase of lovers. Don`t forget to climb it, they say that just in a week after its visiting, you will find your second half. It heals the broken hearts too.

You should definitely take a walk along Sumska Street. Its beginning is the old Kharkiv. Here is the Constitution Square – the famous Degree, a violinist on the roof. Go up to the famous Mirror Stream and Victory Square.There you will feel the true spirit of Kharkiv.

Not far on Gogol street, just for true lovers, the Gothic church is located; it looks authentic and romantic.

You should not forget to visit Shevchenko park with the Cascade, one of the most beautiful fountains of Kharkiv.

Taras Shevchenko Monument is one of the best monuments to the Ukrainian Great Kobzar in the world. At the time of the erection (March 24, 1935), it was the largest bronze composition in the USSR. The height of the monument is 16 meters. The pedestal was made of a gray labradorite, which, together with granite, was delivered to Kharkiv on trucks.

Not far from the park the is one of the largest squares in the world, Freedom Square, where you can see the Gosprom and the University. And from the square we can observe a monument to Cossack Kharko, donated to Kharkiv by Zurab Tsereteli. According to legend, Kharko was the founder of the city.

Then you can stroll along Petrovsky Street and Pushkinska, admiring the architecture. In Gorky park, you can enjoy riding on the retro-looking cable car. The cableway in Kharkiv was launched in 1971. Its route lies from the main city park to Pavlovo Pole district. The total length is 1387 meters. The main function of the cable car is walking but often the residents of the city use it as the easiest way to the FED and KhAZ plants. The number of functioning passenger cabins is 124. The height difference between the landing sites is only 12.3 meters, but during the trip, the passenger of the cableway will travel at heights of 8 to 26 meters above the ground. The total move time is 18 minutes. The load capacity of one cabin is 180 kg, so no more than two adult passengers are allowed.

Next is the famous Children’s Railway. Malaya Yuzhnaya is 3.6 kilometers long and connects Maxim Gorky Park with Forest Park. There were about 40 children’s railways in the former USSR. Only a few of them have survived to the present day. There you can finish your one-day walk along the streets of Kharkiv, the wonderful city of Ukraine. It is unlikely to be able to see more attractions after visiting all these places during the day. But that is just only the beginning. Enjoy your walk the next day…

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