Smart Planning

Everyone seems to dream of traveling a lot, but not always enough time and money. How to plan travel and your budget to visit different countries of the world after the final COVID-19 demise. That’s what I’ll tell you next…

How to save money on a flight? When searching for an airline, look for connecting flights. More often, these flights are much cheaper than direct + bonus, and you can get a few more cities to visit, provided there are lovers (long stops).

How not to spend extra on public transport? Learn in advance how to get from the airport to the city. Public transport will always be the cheapest option. Examine the specifics of the conditions: there are often tickets that are valid for a certain time or number of trips. Always a good option – subscriptions for a few days. In many cities there are special season tickets for tourists.

How to save on housing and not lose in comfort? The most budget-friendly options will be a hostel or enrollment – coaching. Apart from the price, in these types of accommodation, there is one more significant advantage of cheaper travel – having a kitchen!

Food. So, with a kitchen, you can prepare your own and save almost 30% of your travel budget. Another lifehack – look for where the locals eat. Often popular establishments are designed for tourists with appropriate prices. Local establishments will have lower prices, no hidden fees, and excellent quality. The main feature of the local establishment is the lack of a menu in different languages, even in English.

Entertainment and Attractions. If you are a student and are fortunate enough to have an international ISIC certificate (pre-orderable), you can count on discounts at museums and galleries (as well as travel, accommodation, and shopping).

Some museums and entertainment venues offer a discount when purchasing a ticket online. In addition to saving you this way, you can also avoid the queue of tourists on-site tickets. Pay attention to the season tickets, often a package ticket will be much cheaper than entering some places.

Another one more tip – find out about the schedules of the museums and galleries you want to visit. Europe has a very wide open door practice on a monthly basis, such as every last Friday of the month. You may be lucky, and your dates of arrival will coincide.

So, plan your trips in advance and enjoy them!

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