(Christmas story)

Have you ever heard that in California, under Mount Abbott, there’s a hidden town? It always snows there, the temperature never rises above 32 °F and its dwellers are… monsters! However, they aren’t clawed and wicked, but fluffy and cute.

Snowdin is a tiny province town of the huge monster kingdom. Pine branches hide its houses, and a deep river feeds monsters with delicious fish.

Although it’s the smallest town, it sets rules for the whole kingdom! So, Snowdin started Christmas-like traditions and taught monsters to truly appreciate family warmth.

It’s really weird, but this is caused by pretty sad events. For long local teens were enjoying to hurt forest animals, especially defenseless deer. They were hitching up all sorts of rubbish to their horns, gluing old photographs to their foreheads, and tying food boxes to them. Exhausted by such torments, deer were gradually disappearing from the forest. However, then adults swore with their sprogs and tried to bring the animals back. For this they installed fir-tree in Snowdin, which was symbolizing the deer’s horn. It was decorated with shiny colorful toys and under it boxes with gifts were placed. So, monsters were wanting to comfort the animals.

Fortunately, deer began to return to the forest. However, monsters liked this action so much that they turned it into a separate holiday. Everybody, from a naive kid to a skeptical old man or from a real scum to a heroic monster, can ask for a gift and definitely gets it!

Now the monster kingdom is very proud of its Christmas. Dwellers like to say when the way to the surface will be found, they’ll gladly surprise humans with their unique, warm and bright holiday!

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