Social media: what does it mean for me? Why can`t I delete my Instagram?


If be honest, I was planning to write the philosophical treatise. But I`m not a philosopher 
Short back.

Weariness. I`m exhausted. There is a lot of information everywhere. Advertising in Instagram contained only different announcements about job offers. I have turned off and blocked my page in social networks.

And I was free. I felt better, but not right away. At the beginning, I wanted to reestablish social works and got stuck in photos, videos and pages of other people. But I said, `Stop!`. It was like spells, magic words, or motivation. I was ready to delete my page and application, but it was impossible. Why? At first, in my opinion, it is important to tell what I understood about myrself (I call it rule of 3 `it isn`t interesting for me`):

  1. It isn’t interesting for me to follow pages having global recommendations.
  2. It isn’t interesting for me to watch stories of my followers (in most cases).
  3. It isn’t interesting for me to stick in Instagram. I just like speaking.

It is difficult for me to set an appointment with my friends every day only for discussion on one theme: the politics in American countries, global warming, new book about Stus, social problems. I need Instagram because it is fast way to communication with people from different countries. I like to get feedbacks on my ideas, videos, to take part in competitions, challenges and just to react on another post. But you need to be careful in social media because many people create fake news, unfortunately. And I know that there are many people behaving like manipulators and provocateurs. They can write something rude and unpleasant, but you mustn`t give in to provocations. I always analyze all information and check personal data of `social friends.`

We can argue about social platforms, but it is a part of our digital life. And, in my opinion, we need just critically evaluate information flow and control our time. Because it is harmful to spend all free time in your computer or telephone.

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