Sport On Trees

Sport is a force. But this is not enough for me to force myself to do sports. Many times I tried to start a sportive life, but it all ended in failure.

But when I was little, I was a real athlete. My strong point was the trees. Yes, yes, it was the trees. I loved climbing them, hiding in them, jumping from them… It was my favorite sport, which I invented for myself.

Each tree is like a goal to be achieved. Even my injured knees didn’t stop me. I considered it a battle wound.

When I look at the trees, I used to climb, I can’t believe I did that. It would be harder for me to overcome those obstacles now. My body became heavier, I became bigger, both physically and mentally. I got big…and gumpy.

Children’s toys are children’s that are not intended for adults. Sometimes it’s scary to imagine how brave children are. In their youngest years, they are so brave that they would probably have no problem stroking an adult lion. Because they are interested in it, they do not yet understand all the security. Although I started practicing my “tree variety” at a more conscious age – 5-7 years, but I had no less courage than the kids. And that was my advantage. I was often told that I was a guy in a skirt. And it made me laugh and I kept doing what I loved.

In adulthood, it is not always so simple, but it all depends on our perception. So be easy and everything will be easy.

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