Spring Fever. How to Enjoy it?

Do you know the old joke, “Can February march? No, but April May!” It means that spring fever is coming!

Winter stress and other problems can lead to emotional disturbances and it doesn’t depend on the time of year. But a small amount of spring sunlight and weather factors in spring and autumn affect the overall health of a person.

Indeed, the emotional state can be affected at the physical level. There are a number of standard recommendations for relieving stress. Take a contrast shower and, every other day, take baths with sea salt. It promotes relaxation of your feet and neck and between the shoulder blades. These are the so-called “alarm zones” – psychological stress is physically reflected in them. Turpentine baths could also help to remove stress: they increase capillary blood flow, improve blood circulation. Further, you need to restore the natural daily routine with a rise at 6-7 in the morning and relaxed jogging at 10-11 in the evening. This is due to the period of activity of the endocrine glands when the brain receives full hormonal support. Be sure to get enough sleep: at least six hours of nighttime sleep for men and eight for women.

So, if you don`t know how crazy joggers go through parks, join our students` team, we know the psychopath, relieving us from extra stresses, extra weight, and extra thoughts!

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