Spring Fever, Spring Mood

(opinion article)

Bonjour y`all and hello y`all! Your mood depends on the weather outside the window, right ??? My yeah. And yours??? Now it’s March 30th in the yard, and I go out in a winter jacket and at the same time I’m freezing (!). Meantime, I have a spring spirit and the so-called spring mood. I am so happy that I see nature waking up. I am so happy that several times I had the opportunity to walk outside in a denim jacket and in a light windbreaker. I am just so happy…

How wonderful it is to sit on the street at seven pm in the evening and see how the lights are in no hurry to turn off. Despite the series of events that have captured our world, inspiration and a good mood live in me… Been washing my face and hands. Seemed time to do some spring virus shampooing…I am glad that the sun wakes me up in the morning. Yes, my mood directly depends on the weather outside. But what’s inside me is very important too. Spring is inside of my soul. Spring is inside of my mind. Spring is inside of my body…

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