Stars and Rainbow Star

(children`s story)

In the blue sky, between the planets and cosmic dust, there lived a family of stars: Mom, Dad, and Daughter. Mom and Dad were beautiful golden stars. They sparkled in the sky, beating light from the Sun to the Earth. And once from their great love, a new star was born, but not like everyone else. Unlike other stars in the sky, which were blue, red, yellow, orange and white, this one was colorful. She flickered with all the colors in turn, and this scared other stars, because she was not like everyone else.

For many years parents raised a rainbow star in secret because they were afraid that someone would harm her. They hoped that with age, the girl’s color would stop flickering, and she would become as golden as her parents. Therefore, they hid their daughter under a dark sky. Time passed, the little star grew but continued to flicker brightly in different colors. Her light was so bright that the heavenly blanket could no longer hide the multi-colored glow.

In despair, Mom and Dad decided that it was time to release their daughter in the sky. They believed that their star would be lonely because there are no more rainbow stars in the whole universe. And then one night a rainbow star shone in the sky. All the families of stars gathered to look at this strange sparkling star. Red stars were indignant, “Such a star has no place in our sky!” The blue stars regretted, “God, and how this little star will survive? After all, she is the only one…” White stars indifferently watched what was happening. Orange stars cried out, predicting her lonely future.

Seeing this, the little star-daughter said goodbye to her parents and decided to find her place in the infinite universe. She wandered among the planets for a long time, illuminating her path with different colors, looked into the most remote corners of space. But one day, she saw a strange glow in the distance, so similar to her own. She soared to it closer and saw the same rainbow star as she was. This star was surrounded by other stars: red, white, orange, yellow and blue, and circled peacefully with them in dance. A rainbow star was surprised because she thought that she was the only one in the whole sky with such a palette of colors. Being happy, she joined the fun dance, making friends with new stars.

Dear children, now in the sky, you could see two rainbow stars flickering brighter than all other stars. Those kids who notice them know for sure that their dreams will come true.

It`s okay to be not like everyone else. There will always be a person like you who can understand you.

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