Stereotypes Are Not Serious

Breaking stereotypes and breaking through prejudices is difficult, but also fantastic – it’s incredibly enjoyable” —
Jared Leto

All of us perfectly understand that a certain significant part of society thinks in a stereotyped way, according to a certain program that is loaded into us from birth. And despite the 21st century, it would seem – what is there, what are the stereotypes? What is the impact? What naivety? Now there is a progressive society, progressive technology, and progressive minds. Of all this, in reality, only technologies are advanced, and even then not everywhere …

In fact, it is worth understanding what thinking really is and that it does not at all correlate with our mental abilities, erudition, status, education, etc. In fact, thinking is how we perceive situations, life and people. And it has nothing to do with the above mentioned, you can be infinitely smart, but think stereotypically, naively.

But the ability to analyze correctly, look at things soberly and from different positions and have a great life experience are just those aspects without which thinking still becomes stereotyped. Why? We believe in beliefs IMPOSED on us by someone, and we are lazy or unable to analyze what is said or seen not through the prism of someone’s subjective opinion. And it is analysis and critical thinking that are capable of breaking the framework of stereotypes and making sure that a person is not a hostage to other people’s beliefs, so that he does not act and think to his own detriment.

We are sometimes not able to think about everything realistically, without thinking out and not listening to others, sometimes we are not able to break free from the shackles in which they have locked us, are not able to go further and develop, moving away from outdated beliefs and opinions. It is beneficial and convenient for us to think so and to act according to one long-written scenario, without changing lines and events and views for new ones. People have become accustomed to the fact that it is so right – this is at a certain age, when they absolutely do not see that reality has changed. But the problem is that young people are also unable to analyze and often become the same hostages to stereotypes, although it is much easier for them to overcome these frames and obstacles.

The truth is that there is no “RIGHT”, there is only a choice and its consequences, in any case, and only YOU choose your path and bear RESPONSIBILITY for it, only YOU should feel and understand that it is BETTER for you, without any or “CORRECT”, because this is nothing more than a stereotype.

So, a society develops that from generation to generation some outdated and established stereotypes and beliefs are transmitted, we are so programmed from birth under the influence of many factors, in particular, this is upbringing, environment and society. And only we can break them, only we can move away from them and move forward, forming completely different views on life, gradually introducing them, eradicating obsolete ones.

Only you build for yourself what is acceptable for you or not, important or not, what are the consequences and results of the choice, what is best for you and what is not, without worrying or thinking over and comparing it with the imposed stereotype. You just need to put it aside and listen to your heart …

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