Strong! Volitional! Real!

Today I will talk about the singer, who is admired by many people. About the one who has experienced in her life everything that a person can feel.

She gathers huge halls for her concerts; she supports children with cancer; she empathizes with the citizens of Ukraine in such a difficult time and, at the same time, she remains one of the most tender and feminine figures of Ukrainian show business, etc.

Her real name is Tetyana Hryhorivna Lieberman. She invented a pseudonym for herself, but her last name helped her when at one competition the Russian presenter said “Karol” instead of “Korol” and Tina liked it very much, she decided that it would be her last name as a pseudonym.

The singer leads a healthy lifestyle. She is a vegetarian, does not eat sweets, fish and meat. Regularly she works out in the gym, plays tennis, swims and dances. In addition, the actress is a religious person, she goes to church, observes rituals.

Tina Karol is a sensual person who has good features in her character. She always achieves her goals and helps everyone who needs it. Tina is a good example to follow.

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