Suburban Trains – Terrible Territory

(Opinion article)

Today it is necessary to have steel nerves to get somewhere by a suburban train. I need to ride to the university every day by this type of transport and for 2 years I have seen in what scaring and, at the same time, stinking situation the rolling stock of Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railroad) is.

Now most electric trains are in a calamitous technical condition, they have long been required to be written off, but this variant is just impossible for many reasons, which I will talk about later.

New trains in recent decades are almost not released, and the average age of the main number of trains is 40-50 years. They look like muddy men in their midlife crisis after a heavy hangover. And we all understand that they will never be able to ride forever, every day their condition deteriorates, and their number decreases. If the situation does not change for the next five years, the consequences will be just contemptible.

In fact, this problem complicates the lives of all passengers, since even in the morning they have time to get on the nerves of each other and to spoil each other’s mood. Because of the lack of cars, almost every time you have to fight for places. Many elderly people are not able to sit down, because students or people who spend every day on the road 3-4 hours are not going to give way. I believe that under such conditions, one can not condemn this group of people since physically a person cannot withstand such stresses. So everyone gets out of such situations as he or she can. But nobody should lose compassion and humanity if someone really needs to sit down for some valid reason, and if you deny him or her, you have no excuse.

Well, let’s turn back to reasons that hinder the improvement of the situation with suburban trains. Almost everyone who looks for guilty guys should first think about the authorities and Ukrzaliznytsia, who do not deal with the problem but think just only about their luxury cottages and exotic voyages. After all, almost every passenger sinned when sat down without paying a fare. And in the case when we somehow can improve our situation, we do not do this for some unknown reason. I have never understood those who are engaged in vandalism and robbery of the carriages. The psychology of vandalism is like an impervious impasse. Who knows, maybe, some people came from homo sapiens, some from homo neanderthalensis, and the others from piggy-wiggy breed. All of us are sinners but not to such extent… So, dear passengers, before you blame everyone around you, remember of yourself and think about your own behavior. Do not you sit on that torn seat near the wall, which you painted yourself, do you not forget to clean up that pile of sunflower seeds husks, you cracked just ten minutes ago, do not forget to pick up all the candy wrappers you threw away together with your cheery piggy-wiggy friends. Everything depends on us, on what we think, on what we dream, on what we do, on what we change…

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