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Success in common sense is the final result that everyone should strive for. From childhood, we hear this word. Parents say, “Learn, and in the future, you will become successful”. Having entered the university, they say to us, “A successful future is in your hands”. Having found work, we directly strive for this “success”. How to solve this abstract concept? What place does it occupy in our lives?

Success has many facets. From the point of view of many people around me, success is material well-being, good authority, and useful contacts. To be successful = to be rich. We strive for this, in order not to need anything, to give a good life for ourselves and our children, to do what we want. Many even consider this as the happiness of a lifetime.

The second side is closely related to the first: success = fame. It is important for such people to leave their mark on history, to become an idol and an example for others. If you wrote a hit, painted a masterpiece, saved the world, you became famous, and, therefore, became successful.

As soon as we are born, much is expected of us. As we grow older, we gain the fear of not meeting these expectations. The load that lies on our shoulders puts pressure on us because we have not reached the desired height, have not done something important. Does this mean that we lost? Does success really determine the quality of what we do?

My generation depends on acceptance. Young people regret a lot, they are in constant stress. They look back at others, often not noticing their own virtues. “Billy Eilish at the age of 17 already conquered the Billboard, Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at 23, but why didn’t I do anything?”

Breathe out. Firstly, determine what success means to you personally. Is it worth chasing global acceptance if it brings only suffering? You can be happy without billions in your pocket and fame. Do you draw, sing, and dance? Fine, go ahead if you like it. You don’t have to become the second Steve Jobs or Einstein. There will always be those who do something better than you, but at the same time you can be better at something else. Think about it.

I really like the quote of the American writer Og Mandino, “Live in present, live every day as if it could end at sunset and when your head hits the pillow, rest, knowing that you have done your best”. Love yourself and what you do, no matter what. Define your goals and desires yourself, the scope of your success.

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