Sunny Memories

Although spring has not even come yet, I am already starting to think about long summer evenings and remember the summer.

Two years ago, my parents and I decided to go for a few days to Lake Svityaz. After all, because of the heat in a big city, it was simply impossible to survive, so I wanted to go swimming in the cool water.

After packing all the necessary things and ordering a house near the lake, we set off in the morning.

This lake is located in the Volyn region, and I live in Rivne, important neighbors.

So, when we arrived, the weather got a little worse – it was cloudy, raining pitchforks and there was a threatening thunderstorm. We had only four days to enjoy this holiday in nature, but the weather decided that one day with great weather will be enough for us. Of course we bathed a little, but when the sun was hidden behind thick dark clouds we didn’t even want to wet our feet.

On the last day of our rest, I did not climb out of the water all day. The wonderful water sparkled splendidly in the sun, and the sand was so hot that it burned my feet. Children ran around and splashed their feet on the dark blue water.

However, I remembered the evening the most. My Dad and I went fishing in the evening. There was complete silence around, people settled in their homes or just enjoyed the summer evening.

The summer evenings were so special there…I will always remember them deep in my heart. As for the golden sunset…Watching the sunset by the water was really incredible. The lake seemed endless, and the sun painted it in different shades from cheery yellow to bloody red. And the water itself was even warmer at night than it was during the day.

This holiday was remembered by me for this sparkling sunset. And now, on these cold evenings, I remember that warm evening and imagine that in a few months I will feel the warm sand under my feet again and delight my eyes with dozens of other so special sunsets.

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