That must have been love…


She left him a reaction on an Instagram story. He texted back. Pretty corny, right? But that is the beginning of their love, or hate, story.

It was the summer of 2020. She was devastated by the coronavirus; she was fed up with sitting at home, so she decided to find herself a boyfriend. Instagram helped her with that.

They had been texting each other for about 3 weeks when they finally decided to meet.

August. Saturday. They met in one of the local parks and felt the SPARKLE right away… Walking around, holding hands, passionate kissing… That was everything she had ever dreamed of. She trusted him and thought that he was the love of her life. There were a couple more dates after that one when something changed.

No phone calls, no messages, nothing… Silence… She thought he had lost his phone or that he had got something horrible in his family. The days went by… One. Two. Three… And when she saw it… He posted a story on his account. He was at a sea beach on the other side of the country chilling with top models, drinking cocktails and having the best time of his life…

Now, shes heartbroken, betrayed and mad… Why did he do this to her? Why didnt he just break up with her like a normal person? Well, she has money for a sea resort and a lot of free time… Why doesn`t he confess open-heartedly and find her out? Why does he play these games?

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