(humorous story for children)

Once my former schoolteacher of Biology passionately interpreted the topic of a lesson and used a word “shin.” Of course, we did not understand the meaning of this one and asked her to expound. As young unbaked cakes from the 5th grade we actually didn’t know.

Miss Doubletrouble explained it was a leg, just a leg like yours or mine. Okay. Great.

Next morning, when my fam and I were walking across the Central Park, I practiced to ride a bicycle. What incredible kind of sport! Buuut… When I was only taking high speed and my eyes mirrored the first shines of success, my honey brother Justin screamed like mad.

Oh my God! My bicycle had flown somewhere above my head, I flew somewhere the same trajectory few seconds later and finally we both appeared on the earth shocked and surprised. My right led hurt.

“OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, MIIIIIKE!!! ARE YOU OKAY?!?! – mum screamed louder than dad usually does. – What did you hit?!” Honey Justin became red as natural tomato and started crying. “THAT’S SHIN!”I answered the same hysterical tone.

However, mum heard “THAT’S SHIT.” Once everybody made a deadly silence. Dad just started smoking a cigar nervously.

She started yelling at me about how bad that word was and nobody from our family uses such ones and she was going to wash my mouth out with soap and something like this…

“…Never again, Mike! NEVER! But… okay, son, just tell me, please, who told you this word?”

I kept my mouth locked firmly and tried to turn all huge tears back to eyelids. Ineffectually, you know.

“Mike, you can say, don’t be afraid”, – she repeated. I tried to spell, “Missss Doubletrouu-u-u-ublee explained that shin meant leg, SORRY I’LL N-N-NEVER repeat it again.”

Actually, I believed it was a specific test to blame me forever and ever more, but…

Mum just became confused, and her face looked like a natural tomato as well. You know, every time she hears this word, I mention her face blush.

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