The book that will change your life if you put the knowledge into practice

(book review)

Our life is not a series of mistakes, but a sequence of lessons,” said Julian. – There is no negative experience: there is an opportunity for growth and movement forward. Strength is gained in struggle. Illness is an excellent teacher of health.”

‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ is a self-improvement book by Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer and motivational speaker. The book is a business parable based on the personal experience of Robin Sharma.

I think many have heard about this book, because it is not in vain that it has 6 million sales worldwide! Opinions about this book are divided among many. Some refer to ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ as the book that changed their lives, the book that inspired and motivated them. Others think that this is another book about obvious things, for example, that you need to wake up early, exercise, take 21 days to develop a new habit, etc. Apparently everyone knows about it…

Yes, I agree with that, but please tell me, if you are so smart and know everything, why are you still so unhappy? In my opinion, angry comments about this book are written by people who have not understood the main idea of ​this book and they should return to it a little later, 1 year after, maybe 5 years after or even 10 years…Since their focus of attention was directed only to what they had already heard, but they did not try to look at the old and well-known information from a new angle, with a new fresh look trying to apply the knowledge in practice.

I agree that there are many such books. For example, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma reminded me of the book “Extreme Time Management” by Nikolai Mrachkovsky and Alexei Tolkachev. Since there is also an instructive story where there are two characters, one student, another teacher, and most of the book is built on instructive dialogues, situations, and practical tasks.

There was also a comment that it is possible to leave only 100 pages of valuable and useful dialogues out of 300 pages. Would it really be so interesting to read a book if there was a dry theory on how to improve your life in 100 pages? I do not think so. But it is precisely the intertwining plot and instructive dialogues that make it easy and exciting to read this book, like some kind of series. And look forward to what will happen next, and how the main character will act, how he will change within 300 pages, what he was and what he will become in the future. And the most important thing is that the information from the book can and should be put into practice, only then we can change dramatically and grow spiritually like the main characters of the book. Do not forget that this story is based on real events! And therefore, everything is in our hands, everything is possible if we start acting!

I recommend reading this book to anyone who feels that it is time to change something in their lives. To everyone who has reached a dead end and does not know why to wake up early in the morning. Anyone who is looking for happiness and balance between areas in their lives…

Rating: 10/10

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