The Boys (Superhero TV series review)

My rating is 10/10. Around the world, we have a global obsession of superhero comic characters even though they are not real. The billion dollar industry vultures are soaring and swirling around them trying to bite off some juicy slices. Would you even imagine the franchise price if they came into real life! This franchise would become Number One and Numero Uno at the same time! Here comes ‘The Boys’, an American superhero and black comedy TV series developed by E,Kripke!

It might easily turn into the greatest first season of A Superhero TV show ever, competing with ‘Marvels Daredevil’, of course. But this script is so freaking fascinating, the over-the-top violence and gore, along with great dialogues and brilliant acting, easily brings it to the list of the blockbusters. I would be really surprised if the two KIWI lead protagonists, Kurl Urban and Anthony Starr wouldn’t get nominated as the best leading role actors, especially it relates to Starr. He was abso-bloody-lutely brill as the lead antagonist, Homelander. That says something for a superhero movie, wouldn’t you say!

I was waiting patiently for this show, and living up to that hype, though, it was not easy. You have to binge it at one gulp, it is too addictive. Wow! Before even release, Amazon Prime ordered a second season even though the production cost might have been astronomical, I would imagine. They were confident that it was so sick! Watch it and you’ll enjoy it!!!

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