‘The Butterfly of the Stars’ by French author Bernard Werber

(book review)

Mankind has cruelly destroyed itself. There is no way back. We will die. It’s inevitable… Oops, one second, it’s not about the book. But…

Bernard Werber sincerely believes that at some point humanity definitely needs to undoubtedly fall from the Earth. And sooner or later such a question will arise — who will be able to escape, and most importantly — where?

Okay, let’s start with “who?”- These will be the best possible people — healthy, strong, enduring, and most importantly — human. No potential thieves, accomplished liars, weak-minded people here. Sit on Earth and rot quietly. “How?” – by building a private ship that can feed itself and create an ideal eco-system inside. “Where?” – to another planet suitable for humans, of course! And so it started with these three questions… Werber is a brilliant scientist and that’s why when you read this excellent book you believe in it. He skillfully masters the facts of biology and chemistry, makes spaceships in our creative imagination, and makes us empathize with the main characters. I’ve read this book at least twice – and I’ll read it again someday. This is the moment when it is not just entertaining literature — it raises the question of the very human essence, the spirit — for example, is it possible to somehow make evil people just… not born? Evil was not created from the beginning?

The book was published in 2006, but still remains relevant. It is also a poetic allusion to the Bible (But cool! Really cool, such as “Narnia”, where it is seen as an allusion, not moralizing). And what are lovely butterflies for? Well, you know what you call a ship…My rating is 10/10.

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