The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Book Review

I am a huge fan of Dan Brown’s books. This is the perfect writer for me in the mystical detective genre. And I want to start with the world’s bestseller, translated into 44 languages and published in over 81 million copies The Da Vinci Code.

Paris. Louvre Night. Killed museum curator – Jacques Sauniere. It would seem, where does Robert – a professor of religious symbolism? Nevertheless, it is him who is implanted to the crime scene as the main suspect. It turned out that an inscription with the name of the professor was found near the corpse. But Jacques’s granddaughter, Sophie, is confident that Langdon is not guilty. From this moment all events begin to unfold.

The escape. Problems with the police. Secret community that wants to keep the secret of the life of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. The quest for the Holy Grail.

After reading this book, I was impressed for a long time. All events in the Da Vinci Code are developing one after another, a logical chain, so the book is read “in one breath.”

Most of all I was surprised by the secret symbols in the works of art and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. What seems to be in sight is very difficult to notice. Only people with a really high level of intelligence are able to think critically and analyze what they see.

“Behind the seeming chaos of the world lies order” – the main slogan of the work, which perfectly describes the plot.

Thanks to this book, I became more interested in religion, art, and re-looked at the world. I can safely call her my favorite and advise to read.

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