The Dog Called Luna

(short story)

Luna walks down the street with confidence and a brand-new blue collar, having her head in the clouds, although the weather is clear today. She feels like the queen of the neighborhood. Luna has no doubt at all about her uniqueness, cause she is the only thoroughbred dog here. This proud lady knows her family tree by rote. She starts a long story about her English Cocker Spaniel ancestors in every conversation.

This morning she has already visited the dog barber shop, where her wavy fur was stylishly done. You cannot even imagine how she enjoys such procedures! These rituals of beauty allow her to feel some sort of the royal status. She doesn’t even want to imagine how difficult it is to be a homeless hound. There is no food and no one will make a bath for you…Hey! There are no bathrooms at all! And you have to sleep on the damp cold ground.

Luna is horrified with the very thought of the lack of comfort. She still remembers when the hostess took her to live in a forest in tents with friends. There was nowhere to go around the tents. Everything was covered with swamp, dew or other incomprehensible dirt. Luna also was feared and hated those ugly creatures called insects. Poor Luna was once attacked by a rabid wasp and was stung in the nose! The unfortunate dog spent half a day at the vet, suffering from pain. As a conclusion, this lady is definitely against wildlife.

Her mistress Olya loves to tell friends about the happy day she took Luna home. Since then, the hostess has not stopped for a moment and kept on taking care of her, buying various dog treats and even fancy clothes. In the first months of her life with Olya, Luna was an obedient and slightly dreamy puppy. The dog used to watch the fluffy clouds in the sky for a long time or observe her reflection at the puddle. Well, some things never change…

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