The First Rule of The Fight Club

(opinion article)

The first rule of the Fight Club is to not tell anyone about the Fight Club.

Every second knows this phrase. But what lies behind her? Fight Club is not only a literal event that took place in the novel of the cult American writer Chuck Palahniuk but also a metaphor for the soul of the protagonist. Fight Club – symbolizes the fight. The fight in all its senses. Against order, against system, against oneself.

As Chuck wrote, “Generations after generations, people work in hated jobs just to be able to buy what they don’t need.” As for me, this is one of the main points of this book. It was this quote that I thought about, it was this saying that haunted me for weeks, and it was the phrase that changed my worldview at all.

In this book, dirty things are written in a dirty language, so lovers of classical literature will wrinkle up their noses. But it is justified. After all, how to describe differently the soul way out of a person`s body who suffered for years from a deadly disease? How to describe differently all Matrix programmed chaos that occurs in the world of people.

In this book, the author describes the uprising against the system. Dirty, vulgar, violent, what it could really be. The struggle between the two main characters, which are radically divergent from each other and their peaceful coexistence, because it is hopeless.

“People are really ready to sell everything if the price suits them.”

The cruel truth of life, according to the author, shows who people are… Who are the men…Who are the women… What is a human being and why you act, as you act…

This book will definitely appeal to postmodern fans. The most scandalous book of the nineties gets a rating of 10 out of 10

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