The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen is a 2019 criminal comedy. Famous English director, Guy Ritchie, made it. Also, he wrote the script for this movie. His humor was so smart and so British… I like it!

The main hero, Pearson, an aristocratic-looking young man, is graduated from Oxford. All his talents and mad skills he began to realize in the sphere of the sale of marijuana. He had plunged into this criminal business from an early age. When he became an adult man, he created his own Marijuana Empire. He got rich and turned into a successful businessman, through his own wits and courage. However, he decided to move away and to devote himself completely to his family. Rumors made Pearson a center of intrigues.  Apparently, to bow out at the ‘peak of criminal career’ is not as easy, as it seems. In addition, a criminal investigative journalist has created a collection of evidence about Pearson and his partners.

There are storylines of friendship, rivalry and, of course, love. The main feature is the appearance of the heroes (costumes and hairstyles). The scenery and colors are thought out to the smallest detail. I got lucky to watch “The Gentlemen” on the big screen in a cinema house. It was worth it. The video picture is so harmonious that it is difficult to take your eyes off. This criminal story is stuffed with puzzles… Some questions have remained unanswered for me…Nevertheless, my rating is 10/10.

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